"We asked Jamie to put in a new HVAC unit in our home and then asked his company to come back and do their magic in a new shop we completed. Different situations, different units, same positive results. In short, excellent work, fair price, and quick follow up on any questions or concerns." Aaron Jeziorski - Managing Director
"In the fall of 2012, the coil on my air conditioner went out after 15 years of service. I had put in a system that was pretty efficient at the time I had built my house. I could have just replaced the parts and kept the old system, but that option presented me some long range problems. The old system was an 11 SEER system and most new systems were going to be required by law to be much more efficient by 2014. The gas furnace was only 90% efficient. The main drawback was that while I live in a multi-level home, the old system only had one non-programmable thermostat to regulate heat/air in all the rooms.So I made the decision to research the market and take bids on a dual system that would address the main floor and would help me be able to independently control the rooms on the lower level, as well. Jamie Vance Heating and Air, LLC got the bid for the project. He used the existing duct work and added to it for the upper level. I got an extremely quiet Ruud 4 ton 18 SEER air conditioner unit and a one hundred thousand BTU 95% efficient gas furnace with a single programmable thermostat for the upper level.For the lower level, I ordered Mitsubishi wall units in the large 25x30 main room and three additional wall units for the two bedrooms and bathroom. The project was almost completed when my wife told me that she didn’t care about how efficient these units were, to her taste they were not “aesthetically” pleasing and had to go. I am so fortunate that Jamie came to my rescue. He worked with my and we went with 2x2 drop in units that perfectly matched my ceiling tiles.*Note to self: always check with your wife!Several adjustments had to be made between the two different types of Mitsubishi heat pump units. I did pay a little extra, but Jamie worked with me. The lower level now has a ductless multi-zone system with three ceiling mount air handlers that are really cool looking. Each is controlled by its own programmable thermostat. When in operation the vents open automatically and deliver heating or air conditioning immediately.Due to advanced technology, thermostats are now measuring the amount of humidity in the air to measure the heat index, not just the temperature to provide the most comfortable heating/air situation. As I have learned these systems, I have found that I am constantly raising the temperature to become more comfortable. I am obviously using less energy, have a much more efficient and quiet system. My wife is really happy. By the way, I averaged a little over $100 a month during the winter on my heating bill. My house has a little over 3100 square feet of living space."Stephen F. Kroehler

Lisa Vail, Homeowner: Indoor Air Quality Benefits

"Vance Heating and Cooling have done several things for us over the last 2 years. Jamie and his company are honest, fair, and can get to you quickly, not to mention ON TIME! Before we found Jamie, we dealt with people not even showing up when they said they would. costs being way above what we were told they would be, and problems with equipment that were not fixed as we were told.... We just got tired of it. Vance Heating and Cooling will have our business for a long time to come!"Tim Bogue
"Last Fall, we remodeled a 75 year old farm house in Calloway County. We wanted to change the window AC units and the gas heating unit to central air/heat. We called Jamie Vance because he had installed AC/Heat at another house for us and had serviced the unit for over 15 years. He came out and scoped the project. Due to some challenges with narrow space between the upstairs and downstairs, he recommended using the Mitsubishi ductless units. We had seen the Mitsubishi commercials on TV and thought this would be a good way to accomplish our goals of having the air and heat in a more consolidated manner.Jamie's crew worked with the other contractors in the house to determine the optimal time for them to run the wiring and hang the units. They were professional and the install went great and on schedule.We are pleased with our choice and the units fit into our decor and you really don't even notice them because they are up high near the ceiling. They are quiet when they operate and keep our house comfortable in the summer and winter. We would make the same decision again."Vicki and Clayton Hargrove

Kirby Home - Wilmette, Illinois: Controls

"We have utilized the services of Jamie Vance Heating & Air for almost 10 years. We have been more than pleased with service and maintenance of our main floor heating and cooling system and the Mitsubishi unit for our upstairs master bedroom suite. In fact,our original main floor unit was installed by another company. When that unit broke down beyond repair, Jamie Vance, quickly came and installed a more efficient unit. Their routine maintained on both units has kept our utility bills reasonable. They stand 100% behind their guarantees with repairs. We have also requested modifications with air ducts in our basement, and received quick and reliable service. We highly recommend Jamie Vance Heating & Air to everyone we know."Andy and Karen Balzer
"It was our good fortune, after the failure of our American Standard HVAC conventional heat pump, to have noticed information "OnLine" about Mitsubishi HVAC products...Represented by Jamie Vance HVAC of Murray, Kentucky...Our old system was some 14 years old and our previous vendor quoted a considerable amount for the conventional replacement system, with a 13 SEER rating, and a long term warranty...We had 14 years of alternately shivering or sweating as the machine cycled it's output thru it's ductwork in our house, while loss of valuable heat in the Winter and Cold in the Summer traveling from the source to each room by ducts...This generated our interest in the purchase of a Mitsubishi system for supplementry use in our large family room, with a conventional HVAC for the whole house.We contacted the Jamie Vance company and were lucky to meet Jamie who drove some 25 miles to our location for a review of our situation and needs. Mr. Vance took our request under advisement, but had suggestions as to a more effective installation using an expanded "Mitsubishi Split System" wherein a Master Compressor feeds several Air Handling Units mounted in prime location serving portions of our home. Since these Air Handlers come in various tonnage ratings, they can be tailored to meet each area they serve, producing results considerably above 13 SEER and up to as high as 27 SEER under certain conditions. Heating and/or cooling from below zero to 100 plus degrees are accommodated using this system using only 20 Amperes of power source, as opposed to 60 Amperes with our previous unit...this means we will (and do) show a large savings in electric bills....providing a "Payback" in real dollars over the life of the equipment.Since the cost of a four (4) port system, but with only two ports installed was slightly more than our previous contractor quoted...the economics dictated Jamie Vance provided a superior product...We scheduled an installation some two weeks hence and were delighted to find that the Vance company met the schedule without any problem...consequently the Vance Installers were prompt and completed their work within a space of two days without undue interruption of our home life...They also sealed all remaining ductwork (no longer used) after running their equipment service and control lines...The end result has been an effective installation that has already stood the test of Heating and Cooling requirements in a more uniform manner than we had previously experrienced, and are highly satisfied with Mr. Vance's approach and advice, his Technicians and Installers work, as well as the end result for the dollars spent...and would recommend that any new prospective buyers contact Jamie Vance HVAC for an informed evaluation before any new or replacement HVAC installation....PS: we were surprised to find that due to the efficiency of this equipment, we will qualify for a Tax Credit on our next Income tax filing..."Richard and Katherine Buggs - Buchanan Tennessee

Lavoie Home - DeLand, Florida

"I live in an old farm house that was heated with a propane warm morning stove and cooled with a window air conditioner. Well, the room with the stove was warm and the room with the air conditioner was cool and that’s about all-the rest of the house was either hot in the summer or cold in the winter. I had seen the ductless system on DIY shows, and when I heard the ad that Vance Heat and Air installed them I called.Brad and Austin did a great job of installing 3 units inside and the condenser outside. There was no sign of them even being in the house when they left, except the WHOLE HOUSE WAS COOL!I love the ductless system so far. I do monthly budget billing on my gas and electricity bills and I was worried about the new amount for my electric bill since I now use electricity for everything, but it only went up $40 a month for the upcoming year, plus I no longer have a gas bill, which was $130 a month. I still have the warm morning stove for really cold days and if the electricity goes out, and this past winter I only used in the early mornings a few mornings, using barely any gas, so I don’t need to order gas this fall-yeah!"
"Considering a new Mitsubishi “Mr. Slim” heating/cooling unit? I’ve owned the system for about two years now – and I love it! The interior unit is so quiet that you rarely notice that it’s even turned on. The outside unit is right outside my bedroom window and I’ve never heard it from the room. Last fall, I was outside weeding flower beds a few feet away from the unit and I heard a small, barely-audible click and noticed that the fan was starting to turn. Even from a few steps away, I was almost unable to tell that the unit was now running – it’s that quiet.Even though my unit is installed in a large sun room (a challenge for a heating/cooling unit), the increase in my electric bill since the system was installed is barely noticeable. I’m sure that it’s gone up some as a result of adding on the sun room, but the system is so efficient that I haven’t really noticed a difference. I’m very pleased with the low operating cost.The remote control is pretty much “set it and forget it”; the two large arrows (up and down) allow you to modify the temperature and those are the only buttons that I need to use – and those I use rarely. The air is filtered and clean and distributed throughout the room with louvered vents that can be set to either move continuously or remain stationary. The interior unit is very small; mine is installed on the wall about a foot from the ceiling. It is barely noticeable and blends in very nicely with the background (a white wall).So, if you are considering buying the Mr. Slim, I would strongly encourage you to take a close look. My experience with the system installed by Vance Heating & Air has been very positive and I can recommend it highly."Name

Bromberger/Birmingham Home - La Grange Park, Illinois

"Last year your company installed a Mitsubishi heat pump in a sunroom at my home. I had seen this type advertised on the golf channel and it had seemed to be just what i needed since our sunroom had been converted from a covered porch to an enclosed room. You and your maintenance crew installed my unit in one day and it has provided excellent service. Our sunroom is now useable all year long vice 6 months. Your company and installation crew provided courteous, timely and professional service. All of our expectations were met. I would recommend your company for anyone thinking of installing a Mitsubishi heat pump. Thank you!"Dave Groesbeck
"When we built our home in 2008, our contractor suggested we have Vance heating and Air take care of the HVAC needs. At the time, Jamie suggested we use two Ruud heat pumps with traditional ductwork. At that point, these were considered to be “state of the art” units, and we have been very pleased with our choice. In April 2013, we decided to convert a screened porch into a sunroom. When we built the house, we did not make any provision for ductwork in the tarea, so I called Jamie to see if he and the contractor could extend one of the existing systems to the new room. Knowing the house as well as he does, Jamie said we probably could, but that he a had better solution, and we scheduled a site visit. When he arrived, Jamie had a Mitsubishi “Mr. Slim”room air conditioner. The unit does not require ductwork, is extremely efficient, virtually silent, and maintains a constant temperature regardless of sun exposure. Just set the desired temperature, and the unit will automatically select heat or cool mode to keep the desired temperature. There are no hot or cold spots within the room. Installation was quick and simple; the entire process took only a day. We are completely satisfied with this new system, and recommend it without reservation. We also recommend Vance Heating and Air without reservation. Their technicians are knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and trustworthy. Whatever your need, new home or remodel, installation or service, Vance Heating and Air is your best choice."Joe and Beth Ward
"We think Jamie Vance Heat & Air is great to do business with. He was here when he said he would be, their service was very professional and the Mitsubishi unit does an excellent job. We highly recommend Jamie Vance Heat & Air."Tom & Joyce Burgess
"I had an excellent experience with them and have used them multiple times, and recommended them to friends. There is no higher vote of confidence than that."Bill Rogers
"We had investigated several options for updating the heating and air in our 1920 farm house and were interested in finding out more about the Mitsubishi split system. No one in our local area seemed to have much experience with this type of system. Then we found Jamie on the internet. We called and received a reply the same day. We made an appointment with him, and even though we are an hour away, Jamie was here at the appointed hour. He was extremely knowledgeable and able to answer all our questions. He even offered us several suggestions to improve our plan; such as using a pass through to optionally heat and cool a seldom used but integral playroom for our grandchildren.His crew arrived on time two days later and had one unit operational by the end of the first day. The entire job was finished within two days instead of the three days projected. The interruption to the household was very minimal. They were extremely conscientious about keeping the mess down, to the point of removing their shoes every time they entered the house. They did a fantastic job and cleaned up after themselves so well it was difficult to tell where they had been working.We have used the system for a full year now and both the heating and the cooling cycles are exceptional. Being able to have separate zones has allowed us to keep the entire house comfortable with no hot and cold spots. The system is so quiet that at first we were constantly checking to be sure it was running and it is so low profile that we often have to point it out to our family and friends who are aware we had it installed. An even bigger bonus is our utility bills have dropped significantly. Even during the extreme cold of this past winter, our utility bill was nearly half of the previous years. We highly recommend both the system and the Vance Heating and Air to everyone."Bob and Kerry Carroll

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